Experienced participants will know these already, but if you're still new to high-performance driver education and looking forward to getting out on the track in the future, here's a listing of the different flags corner workers may use to communicate during events.

                                  GREEN - You'll find this one at the starting/finish line.  It generally indicates that the session is in progress, the track is clear and

                                                  passing is allowed.

                                  YELLOW - If the corner worker is holding this flag still with both arms outstretched, it means passing is not allowed, either because

                                                     it's the warm-up lap or due to a problem ahead.  If the flagger is waving a yellow flag, it's a sign to slow down and pay

                                                     attention because there's a problem immediately ahead.

                                  BLUE w/DIAGNOL YELLOW or WHITE STRIPE - This tells you that there are faster cars behind you that you should allow to pass.

                                  VERTICAL YELLOW & RED STRIPES - This flag indicates that something potentially hazardous is on the track ahead (dirt, leaked

                                                                                                     fluid, an animal, etc.) and you need to be cautious. 


                                   BLACK - If you see a black flag, you need to pit in, either because there's something wrong with your car or there's something about                                         your driving that needs to be addressed.  Ignoring a black flag can get you removed from the event. 


                                    BLACK FLAG w/ORANGE SPOT - This flag indicates that you have a mechanical problem such as a noticeably loose or missing rt                                                                                            or a fluid leak.  When you see this flag, slow down, pit in and find out what's going on. 

                                    RED - The red flag tells you to check your mirrors and come to a stop toward the inside of the track, in view of a flagger.  It

                                               indicates that something has happened that requires a clear track for emergency responders. 

                                   WHITE FLAG - This is used when any slow moving vehicle is on the track, including emergency vehicles.

                                    BLACK & WHITE CHECKS - This marks the end of the session and lets you know to begin your final cool down lap and then pit in. 

                                                                                     Passing is not allowed during this final lap.