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The date for the 2021 Driving Experience is May 27, 2021.  The event will be held at the Road America complex in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin .

The cost for the event is a minimum donation of $350 per driver/vehicle, $150 for each additional driver (if sharing a vehicle) and $35 for all passengers and spectators.  

Drivers, passengers and spectators will all receive a different color wrist band.  Green bands for drivers, yellow for passengers and spectators over 18.  Spectators under 18 will receive a red wristband.  We need better control and this will be our system.  Please comply. 

Your donation will be 100% deductible.  The accounting of all monies donated will be sent to you within 30 days of the event.

All costs for the track, lunch, safety workers, corner workers, wreckers and ambulances will be paid for by Rollie Stephenson (Faith Technologies), Bob Weyers (Commercial Horizons) and Denny Lamers (Lamers Motor Racing & McMAHON).

There will be three car groups:  GROUP 1, GROUP 2 and RACE CAR

GROUP 1 will be for those street cars that go a little quicker and are more experienced at driving at speed.
GROUP 2 is reserved for those who are more interested in driving at a more moderate speed.
RACE CAR will be limited to cars that average under 3:00 per lap.

*An additional $350 donation is required to run your vehicle in more than one group.

Lunch will be provided at the Gear Box.  Each participant will receive a $10 coupon redeemable at the Gear Box.  They will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Breakfast and coffee will be available for purchase. 

Registration opens at 7:00 a.m.  Enter at Gate 6 to register at the Registration Building. 

Then proceed to the Winner's Circle for a mandatory Safety Meeting at 8:00 a.m.  (See track map below.) 

RULES:                          Please read carefully.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

1.  There will be NO RACING TOLERATED.

2.  All participants (drivers and passengers) are required to wear a helmet made for this type of use. 
     No exceptions.  (Limited helmet rentals are available through Road America.    
     See REGISTRATION page for details.  

3.  No convertibles unless the car has been race prepared, including roll bars and quality belts.  No exceptions. 

4.  Absolutely no metal-to-metal contact and you must use your turn signals. 

5.  Obey corner workers, safety staff and flags.  If not, you will be black flagged and asked to stop.  If this happens 

     more than once, you may be asked to leave.

6.  Pay attention to your mirrors.  If you see someone coming that is obviously faster, hold your line, slow up slightly

     and let them by you.

7.  Pass only on straight sections of the track...NOT on the corners.

8.  No drivers or passengers under the age of 18.  The only exception would be for a person that has appropriate 

     race credentials from an accredited racing group, such as SCCA or similar. 

9.  No hand held cameras or cell phones.  No exceptions.

10.  Any contact, and you caused it, you are done for the day.

11.  If you get black flagged for dangerous driving, you will be parked for the session.  If it happens more than once,

       you will be asked to leave. 


1.  After each session, we recommend checking your brake pads (especially the front).

2.  Never use the emergency brake for parking.  Your brakes will be hot and you can easily warp the rotors.

3.  For passenger cars, you may want to bring along an extra set of front brake pads and some brake fluid.

4.  Before each session, check yourself.  This activity can be very tiring and you don't want to over extend yourself on the
     track.  Stay hydrated.

5.  Remember to remove all loose items from your car.  You don't want anything flying around the car and ending up under
     the brake pedal.

Affordable on-track protection for your car is available for this event with the 

Lockton HPDE Insurance Program.  See below for details.